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Crafternoon with Starling

  • 501 Union Main Room (map)

Join us at the Crafternoon table for a Mandala making workshop and meditation with the crew from Starling. Limited to first 15 sign-ups, register on site Wednesday AM.

Mandalas are used in meditation as a focal point to quiet the mind. They allow your creative mind to take a break from your analytical mind.  You choose one that “speaks” to you - If you feel positive emotions you have chosen the right one. Before you meditate on your mandala- set your intention: something that is going on in your life, something you want to clearly understand, or ask for guidance. Begin your meditation by gazing into the mandala and letting go of all unwanted thoughts. Focus on here and now. Imagine you are floating into the mandala and allow yourself to absorb the wonder and beauty of the design and colors. Relax and stay focused.