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Fashion School w. Black Lapel, Colette Komm and Pink Bowtie Events

  • 501 Union Courtyard 501 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 (map)

You're invited to Fashion School with Black Lapel, Colette Komm and Pink Bowtie Events. We'll kick off the session with two small talks on fit, followed by hands-on workshops on tying a bowtie, pinning a boutonniere, folding a pocketsquare and basic hand sewing for wedding day emergencies!

The Do's and Don'ts of Fit with Black Lapel

Using images and props from their Manhattan showroom, Black Lapel senior stylists show us what to look out for in a good fitting tux/suit, how to accessorize a wedding outfit, and how to advise clients’ questions regarding groomsmen coordination. They’ll also give you tips on how to make sure your clients look sharp before they go in front of the camera. This talk is great for planners and photographers, or anyone who wants to know how to look good in a suit!

The Anatomy of a Wedding Dress with Colette Komm 

Colette Komm is a New York based couture designer who creates exquisite and luxurious custom wedding gowns, evening gowns, corsets and accessories. In this talk, Colette will give us a Wedding Gown Anatomy Lesson, along with some tips for planners and photographers, from what to look out for when shooting the dress details to how to deal with a complicated bustle.


How to Tie a Bowtie with Pink Bowtie Events Full disclosure, Rebecca Shenkman admits she did not know how to tie a bow tie when she founded her company, it’s the truth!  But through her first season as a wedding planner, she quickly learned how to tie a pretty damn good bow tie. Her grandfather who wore one every day, and inspired her company name, would be proud.  She has tied countless kinds of bow ties over the last 4 and a half years and is now ready to give us the tips and tricks she’s learned so that your skills are finely tuned for that client who will inevitably tell you they bought the coolest bow tie but, shhh, they never learned how to tie it.  After this session, you’ll be a pro.

How to Pin on a Boutonniere with Black Lapel No more stabbing yourself or your client! Stylists from Black Lapel show us the proper way to pin on a boutonniere.

How to Fold a Pocket Square with Black Lapel Gain hands-on practice on the correct way to fold a pocket square.

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