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Panels +Discussions

The Love Union provides a safe space for vendors to speak on all topics.
A space for the hard conversations, the inspiring conversations, and everything in between.
Made to Inspire + Share Knowledge.

Legal Advice + Help: Updating contracts, Finding solutions to cover the holds Covid brought to light, Covid Safety moving forward, Contractual Strength for small companies, among other issues and questions. How do you legally protect your business in the future?

This panel is for the leaders that have another job aside from their “love hustle”. What do you do with a market that now realizes that you’re not an essential business? Ideas for small business distress coping? How do you keep the passion project going when you’re climbing out of the pandemic slump? How to create action plans for the unexpected? Multi-Tasking without the “burnout” ideas? Uplifting your clients + staff while embracing self-love?

We must all come together and protect our creative community! Social Brainstorming is sometimes the best way to inspire! This discussion is meant to open the dialogue on ways to re-invigorate creativity! How do vendors feel about moving back into wedding life again? How did professionals spend their “downtime” + How are they adjusting back into the hustle? How did vendors pull through “their pandemic” as a biz?

Navigating Covid Weddings: How to handle Covid Multiple Bookings. (Example 2021 wedding rescheduled to 2022)

Let’s Talk About It: RECOVERY!! Industry Bounce back – In a realistic, not just hopeful way? What are some key components in creating pathways to make your business more efficient? How to invest financially and emotionally as a wedding professional?? Prioritizing Personal Health + Boundaries.

Ways to maximize client experience  + Customer service? Is it time to break into Luxury Markets?  

How to make Eco-Friendly Business Practices routine. Saving time, money, and the world!

How to hire more creatives for your business (Workshop: “From you to Crew”).

Social Media + Adjusting to new Media Times: Videography Workshops, Best APP Review, FREE MARKETING That’s Quick + Easy, TikTok + Reels Workshop.

Find Your Style!! Social Media strategies to help you cultivate your style and brand identity.


SEO Deep Dive! Tools, methods, the algorithm madness!

This Panel + Discussion will be speaking on Education on Racial Issues in our industry. Inclusive Branding/ Work environment. BLM + How the movement has affected weddings? How to have a more inclusive + diverse portfolio? Racism in the AAPI community + How we as event professionals can help? How can we support our BIPOC vendors and clients better? Information about EPIC + Leadership!!


The Love Union is so excited to launch this 2-day Hybrid Mini Curated Conference with our community! The Green Building will be hosting this event in an open-air environment (All windows + Doors Open! A merge between indoor and garden access), with hybrid capabilities. Thanks to the amazing Shades Of Grey Productions Inc., Morris has made the virtual aspect possible. Live Streaming will be open to drop-in guests to attend from the comfort of their home or office + a limited in-person guest list will be sent out to those who have expressed interest in attending live! We want to make sure the community as a whole is able to come together as we get back in the swing of things but in a safe and healthy atmosphere! The talented + hilarious Gerogi Richardson will be hosting this event both online and in-person, guiding us along through all the Panels + Discussions, crafternoons, storytimes, and other inspiring moments through this 2-day adventure of knowledge, light, and love!

All listed Panel + Discussion ideas come directly from our community questionnaire posted in March. Please fill out the forms for the Panels + Discussions you would like to be a part of or add information to!

If you have other ideas or requests please send an email to for consideration! 💕

We welcome all levels of involvement and expertise! We want to make sure these opportunities are created with Love + Knowledge!

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